You will like to look like goddes every day!

Welcome to Flip Body Spa at Gurgaon & Delhi. Enjoy a luxurious collection of our advanced spa therapies that will revitalize your body and calm your mind in order to reconnect with your inner self. Thoughtfully selected and expertly administered spa treatments will call out to your soul and help calm your natural body, resulting in a state of harmony and peace. Our experienced masseurs have the highest level of health and competence in all our treatments and take special care to tailor your Spa experience to your needs.

Flip Body Spa is a groundbreaking concept in the Indian spa & salon industry: to provide a pool of talented professionals with the means to bring their passion to life and create a forum for your company in the US$ 500 million spa & salon industry for an untapped and largely self-sufficient market opportunity.

Variety of Care
Qualified Staff
Relaxation Centric
Reasonable Costs


  • By Saroj

    Excellent massage service and fully sanitized.... good work for covid19.. keep it up

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